Fighting Covid-19: the four model countries

While Covid-19 is still spreading, four countries are leading the way in terms of managing the crisis and fighting the virus.

China: technology and firmness for a good Covid-19 management

covid-19In the Middle Kingdom, the situation has been under control since March 2020. Hospitals are no longer overcrowded with infected patients. Life has been “normal" again for months.

To achieve such result, the Chinese government has been extremely responsive by applying the "test, trace, isolate" rule from the beginning of the pandemic. China's industrial capacity and advanced technology also contributed to fighting the virus namely through unlimited access to PCR tests and tracing the infected people.

South Korea: A legislative framework set before the Covid-19 pandemic

From the appearance of the first Covid-19 case in December 2019 until now, South Korea has recorded 487 deaths. This has been achieved through a firm application of social distancing and isolation. Population displacements are closely being monitored thanks to new technologies. Any violation of sanitary rules is strictly sanctioned.

The legislative framework set before the pandemic paved the way for an effective containment of the virus. For the record, South Korea has already witnessed several epidemics (Sars, Seas, etc.) which made it easier for the government to manage the Covid-19 crisis.

New Zealand: a country used to crisis management systems

New Zealand has recorded 25 deaths amongst 1 988 cases of Covid-19. In the country is characterised by a high seismic activity, the 5 million inhabitants are thus well-aware of emergency management systems and the application of safety instructions.

New Zealand closed its borders on 28 February 2020 and imposed a 26-day national lockdown. Testing for Covid-19 and the use of tracing apps to track the infected people also helped contain the virus.

Norway: a population that abides by the rules

In Norway, only 285 deaths related to Covid-19 have been recorded. The low population density has helped to reduce the number of contaminations. The slow spread of the virus also goes back to the effective application of guidelines. In the country, lockdown is rather voluntary.

The Norwegian government is still alert and recommends limiting contact to ten people per week.

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