MENA zone: The heat waves will be even more intense in a few years

According to a study conducted by the Cyprus Institute* and the Max Planck Institute in Mainz, Germany, global warming could make the Middle East, Near East and North Africa uninhabitable regions by the end of the century.
heat waves

The heat waves would be more intense and longer. Temperatures should be around 50 degrees Celsius during the day and are not expected to drop below 30 degrees at night. These extreme heat episodes will last at least four months a year.

In these areas, temperatures rise twice as fast as the average global warming, which will lead to the degradation of arable land and to more scarce water resources.

Another concern is that heat waves and lack of rainfall cause sandstorms and increase pollution of the air which will become dustier.

The study also emphasizes that this hazard, which affects around 550 million inhabitants, will only exacerbate the conflicts as well as the migratory movements towards Europe, a region that is already struggling to manage the influx of a few thousand migrants.


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