Atlas Magazine March 2008

Good job, FANAF

FANAF's general assembly, which was held in Bamako from February 25 to 29, 2008, has renewed its organisation's leadership.

The new President, Protais Ayangma, will be assisted by a six-member executive bureau.

FANAF is running well. It holds an annual general assembly, organises periodic meetings, and moderates seminars. Elections and successions are taking place smoothly.

Thus, the outgoing team, led by André Bayala, managed to put on a great performance with the most honorable assessment.

The organisation rests on a permanent secretariat which stands as its king pin.

FANAF provides services that other much more important professional organisations (AIO, GAIF) can hardly supply. It is the only continental organisation which annually publishes the statistical results of all its members and the markets it covers.

For those who are daily scrambling around to gather information, take a bow!

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