Atlas Magazine December 2006

Disaster scenario

Ecologists have been the first to launch the wake-up call against greenhouse effect and global warming hazards.

Scientists have stepped in establishing the evidence of the threat and confirming the correlation between rising temperatures and climatic disturbances.

Politicians on their turn got on their hobbyhorse of environmental protection and its impact on the future of the planet.

It was the economists at last who have undertaken the task of quantifying the threat looming on the world economy.

Posted on the front line of losses, the large reinsurers are more than concerned about the gravity and the scale of the stakes. What are the risks to cover and what are the capacities to be mobilised?

Particularly exposed, the African continent has not been in stared. Measures have been taken by some states which adopt specific legislations to cover catastrophe risks.

Likewise for African insurers who got mobilised and organized. The establishment, in 2004, in Casablanca of the African Centre of Catastrophe Risks, managed by the Société Centrale de Réassurance (SCR), marks the start of a new stage in the struggle against the scourge of modern times.

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