Atlas Magazine July 2011

Innovation to the rescue of insurers

The scenario is henceforth known. The insurance market is struggling to stabilize, swinging to the tune of crises. As a consequence, the 2010 results, in clear improvement compared to 2009 and 2008, are likely to deteriorate again in 2011 with insurers stuck in a mechanism from which they are scrambling to get out of it.

The events of the first half of 2011, particularly those in Japan have once again brought insurers under the spotlight, casting doubt on their ability to cope with risks of exceptional scale.

These full-size "crash tests" demonstrate that the market is solid. It is able to withstand shocks well. The transfer of risks between policyholders, insurers and reinsurers is operating satisfactorily.

In fact, the market is not only strong but also responsive, adapting quickly to economic changes.

In search of profitability, insurers are skillfully managing risks, consolidating their positions and innovating, with innovation becoming a powerful engine. It creates premium.

In order to make up for the shortness of traditional classes of business, insurers have significantly expanded the range of products and solutions designed for their customers. New distribution channels have also been set up.

During the recent years, the buoyant niches are named: bancassurance, microinsurance, takaful, long term care insurance, health, assistance, life, drought, natural catastrophes, ...

The latest peculiar creation is e-reputation insurance, which covers the victims of slanderous attacks on the web for only 9.9 EUR (14.2 USD) premium per month.

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