Atlas Magazine December 2013

Reinsurance, a local market

Whether it is a fashionable phenomenon or a global movement, the establishment of decentralized entities is multiplying. Be it a representation office, a branch or a hub, the local needs are speeding up.

In a few months, three reinsurers, among whom a member of the world business elite got settled in Tunis. In Africa, four locations at the four cardinal corners of the continent are used to relay naturally an international activity: Abidjan in the west, Nairobi in the east, Mauritius in the south and Tunis in the north. Outside Africa, the strongholds are called: Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, Zurich, London, New York, etc.

In its simplest form, that is, as a representation office, this territorial grid allows the reinsurer to be mindful to its customers and better meet their needs. It is then up to the head office to process the information and adapt its strategy to the selected target.

In the more advanced form of a branch, the immersion into regional markets is enables an autonomous management based on underwriting policy adapted to local realities.

The hub, which manages a set of regional entities, is the highest stage of decentralization. It is in this form that the reinsurer optimize its management, providing its customers with high value-added solutions while maintaining a high level of closeness.

For host countries and apart from the financial aspect, decentralization allows the emergence of local talent and highlights the multinational and multi cultural nature of the reinsurance business. It is in this technology transfer that the term win-win makes perfect sense.

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